Monday, June 29, 2009


This past week I took a trip out to the coutryside for my first Switzerland "blind-date". It seems like everyone, except Josh and me, have some friend or family connection here. As much as I hate being set up, I promised myself that I would make an extra effort to meet new people.

I left early from the flat just to be on the safe side not to miss the Forch Bahn to Egg. Of course, I got there way too early, but to my surprise the train was already there, ready to head to Egg. I figured I might as well get on and read my book til it pulled away from the station. All of a sudden the train starts to move...and I was off...about 15 minutes early.

I couldn't figure out how this train departure time didn't show up on my SBB Timetable iPhone app. As we pull up to the Forch train stop, I hear the conductor say something like, "letzten Stopp...blah, blah, blah". I look around me and everyone is getting off the train. I am only half way to Egg, now what am I supposed to do? Thankfully, someone realized I had no idea what was going on and translated what the conductor had said. Another train would be coming in 15 minutes.

Here is part of the journey from Forch to Egg. The countryside is beautiful. Lots of green, lots of space.

Once I finally got to Egg, Hanne (my "blind-date) and her adorable son, Lucas, picked me up. We chatted over coffee and sweets. She filled me in on all the grocery secrets, online shopping details, and other insider information most people don't learn for the first year of living in Zurich.

I also met her daughter, Laura, after her much needed nap. Too cute for words. These kids were amazing. Hanne spoke Spanish to them in the home, and they reply in Swiss German, and both understand English. I am so jealous!

I left a few hours later almost missing the Forch Bahn back to the city. Got home and then turned around to meet up with some Googlers for dinner. It was a full day of new friendships. Wonderful!

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