Friday, June 12, 2009


Finding a "flat" in Zurich is no easy task. We must have seen 20 flats within just a few days -- in all parts of town, in all shapes and sizes. This was the last one we viewed. We lucked out that a Googler was moving out, just in time for us to move in. This apartment is on the smaller side of the spectrum with an interior is 80m2 (approx. 860 sq. ft.), and a balcony of 80m2. It is considered a 3.5 room flat which includes two bedrooms, one living room/dining room, one bathroom, and a kitchen. Anyone want to guess the price?
This is me in pure amazement the first time I saw our apartment building. Let's just say, this is by far the nicest place we toured.

Living room. Don't get your hopes up. This in not our furniture.

Balcony with an amazing view of the hills that wraps around the building.
Rieterpark. Only a couple blocks from the flat. Stella's favorite hangout.
A view of Zurichsee (Lake Zurich) from Rieterpark. About a 10 min. walk.


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