Friday, August 21, 2009

Human Race 10k

Nike is rolling out the red carpet for the 2nd Human Race 10k on October 24 this year in over 30 cities worldwide. Last year, there were 780,000 participants around the world running to celebrate the sport and to be apart of something bigger. Yes. I said 10k -- 6.25 miles. It sounds scarier than it really is.

I have always wanted to be a part of a large scale wellness/fitness event, but have never considered myself any type of athlete. Could you ever see me running a marathon or even a sprint triathlon? I don't think so. I was always a gym rat...lifting weights, spinning, yoga-ing. Anything that would keep me inside and away from competition. Well, I don't know what happens when you turn 30, but I have changed and running has become a part of my life. And, the personal trainer inside me wants to motivate as many people as possible to start training for this event and participate. I am here to help. Information on the event, locations, training programs, and more can be found at Nike+.

Josh and I are both planning to run the race in Berlin. This is a night run where the city is lit up specially for the race. Not sure how Josh is going to take pictures while he runs, but we will figure something out. And, if you are thinking that just because your city isn't on Nike's list, you can't compete. Think again. You can still register, run at home (even better...get a group of friends to run), and then upload your run to the Nike+ website. My dad is already registered and would be happy to head up a Sioux Falls, SD group. Right, Dad?!

First step is to register. Do it now before you realize what you have gotten yourself into.

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