Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paris Teaser

As many of you know, Josh and I just got back from celebrating my 30th birthday in the "La Ville-Lumière". We are both busy uploading, organizing, editing, and scrutinizing over which of the zillion pictures to post. This takes time, people. But, I thought I would be nice and give you a little taste of Paris.

View from our hotel balcony. No complaints here.

Best lunch. Baguette, eclair, and càfe crème.

 Man in the park feeding the birds.

Stellar transit system. Even better than Zurich --not cleaner, I said better.

Miss Mona.

This just screams Paris to me. Beautiful dalmation waiting outside the Boulangerie for its owner.

These are the photos that best describe Paris to me. If you could only pick a handful of pictures to describe Paris, what would you choose? Many more stories and pictures to come. Stay tuned.

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