Saturday, August 1, 2009

Present to Myself

Well, I did it! After I started running in May, I decided to challenge myself and set a goal of running a 10k by my 30th birthday. I didn't think it was actually going to happen today since I am still struggling with jetlag and didn't roll out of bed til 11am this morning. The sun was already blazing hot and I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone run for an hour.

The plan was to go with Josh to the gym and just run a mile or maybe even two if I was feeling a little crazy. When I got to two miles, I figured why not three. And, so on and so on. Somehow I made it to 6.4 miles. Can't say that I enjoyed every minute of the run, but the satisfaction of achieving this mega-goal is pretty awesome. Not a bad present for my birthday. Shouldn't every 30 year-old (or soon-to-be) be able to run a 10k?

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