Monday, September 7, 2009

College Football Night in Zurich

The REAL football season has started back in the States and Josh and I are scrambling trying to figure out our best option for watching games. This might just be the hardest, and most important, problem we have faced so far. Luckily, our ex-pat friends from Atlanta are also feeling the pain and went the extra mile tracking down American bars that would be showing a game or two.

So far it looks like there are only two bars brave enough to broadcast some ESPN here. However, Swiss soccer trumps all other forms of sports. Wow. My true colors are showing. Did I really just say soccer when referring to EU fussball? Good thing only ex-pats and family read this blog.

Are you chomping at the bit in anticipation of where we went? I don't know if I can even bring myself to tell you. I blame it all on Switzerland. There is no way we would have gone here if we were back in the States. It is so embarrassing...but, so necessary. We even had to make a reservation.

Ok. I am just going to say it. We went to HOOTERS. And, more surprisingly the place with packed. Look what Switzerland is forcing me to become -- the things I will do for a little football. Kristi and I had to be the only girls in there that weren't wearing tiny white tanks, teeny orange shorts, and 80's legwarmer-looking socks.

Hopefully you are getting a feel for the beautiful ambiance. After the soccer game ended (the Swiss won if you were curious) and David's cries for Georgia football were finally answered, we got to watch a little ball. It almost felt like our own bar. The rest of the bar filtered out and only a few stayed but weren't paying any attention to the screens anymore. What a weird sensation. College football without an entire bar grunting and groaning in unison. We got loud and obnoxious, cheering and booing, enjoying every minute of our time at the H.

Here's David doing a little Bulldog cheer or more making fun of me doing his "woof woof" chant.

And, Kristi sporting the Georgia black and red in true Bulldog fashion. Needless to say, good times were had by all. We did only get to see about half of the game since we had to catch the last bus at midnight. But, for all the effort spent researching where we could watch the game, calling for reservations, and taking one for the team by ordering scary hot wings...we thank you Kristi and David. Let's not go here again!



  1. I admire your dedication as a fan! We've been thinking about how to catch some Gator football. Maybe we can come up with something before Jacksonville:)

  2. Aren't there any Big 12 fans out there? Watching Florida is going to be a tough one for my OU fan!


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