Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RyanAir Follow-Up

RyanAir. I love you. I hate you. Why do low-fare airlines always have to be paired with this "Black Friday" mentality? You know what I mean. Day after Thanksgiving, waiting in line, adrenaline pumping, ready to rush the door at 5am just to save a couple of bucks on the latest and greatest holiday gift. This is exactly what it is like waiting in a RyanAir line before the flight departs. Passport and ticket in hand, elbows out ready to withstand the crazies behind you, your eyes on the prize...

Unlike Southwest Airlines, RyanAir has a strict baggage policy. And, when I say strict, I mean it. You line up 45 mins before your flight primarily because each passenger has to show that their one carry-on fits within the given limits.

The best part is watching each person push and shove their bag into this tiny space with all their might. Everyone kept getting their bags stuck. Men had to help women get their bags unstuck after they "fit" in this box. We learned a solid way to cheat the system. You must turn your bag upside down, wheels up, to get your regular American-sized carry-on to fit. If your bag doesn't fit it is an extra 50 CHF (30 Euro, $50 dollars). Hey, whatever works, right?

Finally we make it on the plane. The bags easily fit in the overhead space...of course.

Next up, we find out how RyanAir stays so cheap. For the next two hours of the flight, the flight attendants continually walk up and down the aisles selling something, anything. The first item that caught me off-guard was their smokeless cigarettes. The "healthy" alternative to get you through this rough couple hour flight. When I heard them say this on the intercom, I had to do a double-take. That couldn't have been what they said. But, just as I thought that one of the flight attendants comes walking down the aisle showcasing just that.

For your food and drink selection...doesn't that look tasty. Or you can be smart and bring something edible on the plane with you.

But, don't expect a pocket to put it in.

Are you understanding my love-hate relationship yet? I can't say I will never fly RyanAir again, but the price will have to be right. I am starting to realize we can't wait til the last minute to make plans. Thankfully the next trip planned is to Berlin and tickets have been already been bought on Swiss Air.


  1. I feel the same way about EasyJet. They nickle and dime you. You have to be careful. They can end up more pricey than traditional airlines depending on the situation. Although last year I flew from Basel to Barcelona for CHF 50. Total. It was worth the whole cattle call/Basel thing for that.

  2. "..but the price will have to be right."

    I think it's worth noting that this price was technically $0.00.


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