Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday is MY Day

Seriously, people. How difficult is it to follow simple laundry room etiquette or do they not teach you that here in der Schweiz?

We have been assigned the lovely day of Wednesday to get our laundry done. In my mind this means the whole laundry room should be ours to use that day. The washer, dryer, clothesline, blower, folding table...all of it MINE. I can't speak for all the days of the week, but the Tuesday flat doesn't seem to follow the same code as me. It is simple. You wash, you dry, you hang, you blow, you fold, and then you take it all back to your apartment before the next day.

Ever since we have moved in, I have had the pleasure of taking down all the hanging clothes from the previous night. I know what you are thinking. Why don't you just leave a note and ask the person to take care of this small issue? Well, funny that you say that. I went one step even further. My laundry room hogging neighbor, I mean the nice man on the floor below us, was in the laundry room last Wednesday night (not even morning) picking up his clothes from the day before. We hadn't met yet so I introduced myself and even asked if he minded me placing his clothes on the folding table. He looked at me like I was the one that did something wrong, asking, "You are the one that did this?". I played stupid and said "I hope it isn't a problem, but I needed some room to hang our clothes.". You would have thought I killed his first born. Believe me, I don't want to be touching your clothes as much as you don't want me touching your clothes. Jeez.

Thinking that since he had such an issue with me messing with his clothes that this week would be different, was a ridiculous thought. Who does this and then gets pissed at the neighbor just trying to get her laundry done? I am thinking I should start folding his clothes up into the animal shapes like you find on a cruise. I wonder what he would think of me then.

**Just so you know. I went down there this morning and still nothing had changed. Wow.


  1. Airing their "dirty laundry", eh?

  2. I think it's impossible to live in Switzerland and NOT have a laundry story to tell.

  3. That sucks.

    If you need some German to give this guy the message, let me know. I would be happy to tell you what to write... it would start with something like... 'Hello neighbor' and end with 'Or else...':)

  4. I am such a wuss when it comes to confrontation. It's been a long time since apartment living.

  5. Forget all of this...I can't wait to put out Eddie the Elephant towels!!! Wait till Sue and Dave come to visit the next will match the elephant pancakes I make.


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