Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Berlin Sightseeing

I wanted to post some of Josh's beautiful black and whites from this past trip to Berlin. I wish we had gotten more time to explore the city, but with the race looming over our heads we had to save our strength (and our legs) to make it to the finish.

The Berlin Wall, of course. It sort of stops you in your tracks. It blows my mind that this is real and that the fall of the Berlin Wall wasn't that long ago, in 1989. One part of the graffiti got my eye...just one word -- Why?

Directly behind this part of the wall was the Topography of Terror exhibit. I don't know if it was quite what I expected, but something touched me here. Again, it was really just one small part of this memorial. Surprisingly, it wasn't the pictures of the Jews being forced out of their businesses or the constant humiliation they had to undergo day in and day out, but this one diagram depicting all of the cities that sent Jews to the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Just writing this now makes my eyes water. I must have stood in front of this picture forever. It just reinforces my need to visit Auschwitz. Pushing Poland up the list of must sees before moving back.

You probably recognize this. Checkpoint Charlie. And, for only one Euro you can have your picture taken with the guards.

There is this area of town known as the Museum Insel (Island) where, you can probably guess, there are a handful of these monsterous museums. Just walking around the buildings is probably enough art for the day. We had heard from my Uncle Kenny to go and see the Pergamon. I guess we weren't the only ones with an Uncle who also pointed them in this direction. The line just kept going and going. Sad to say, but this just wasn't in the cards for us.

Runner up was the Alte Nationalgalerie.

Probably not my favorite museum, but still beautiful and the perfect size to get through in a couple hours. It was nice to just sit on the benches, let our legs and feet rest, and take in the art. Now that I know how busy it can get, I would definitely purchase tickets in advance.

Germany has been a surprise. Berlin has such an interesting culture and so much history. We realized before going that we wouldn't be able to squeeze everything in this round. I see another trip in our future. I do have to say the area of town we stayed in and our hotel were awesome. Highly, highly recommend. Anyone thinking of going, check out The Hotel Circus off us Rosenthaler Platz (How can you go wrong with the name Rosenthal!). Not in the touristy Mitte. Great food and entertainment at every corner.

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