Monday, November 9, 2009

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

The street vendors are smart here. Right when the weather starts to change and become colder, the ice cream carts suddenly changed into "Heisse Marroni" stands overnight. The gelato stands are only a faint memory now. It seems like on every corner there is this cute, little stand with one man in charge of cooking the nuts and the other taking care of the crowds. You would think they were giving away gold at these places, but no...just "hot chestnuts".

I have been telling myself, "I have to try these. I have to try these. Next time I see a stand, I will grab a quick 100 grams just to try them". It's just something you should do when living here, right? I have read other blogs talking about their love of the Marroni and all the different forms it comes in. If just the nuts weren't enough for you, a lot of restaurants have these strange-looking desserts with chestnut spaghetti noodle thingys on top of a pie crust or just served up in a bowl like a sundae, even with the whipped cream on top.

I have to tell you, the Marroni is not for me. I was out and about with my mom the other day. We stumble upon one of these stands. We are both so excited to actually taste these things. We order our hundert grams, peel off the shell, and take a bite. It has sort of this mushy texture, not really a nut flavor or any real flavor for that matter. There was just not much going on with these nuts. Plenty of other things I would rather be spending my time eating for sure. People here do say it is an acquired taste and that it grows on you. I think you start liking them when you have stopped remembering how good bbq and queso taste. And, believe me...I am not there yet.

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