Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ladies that Lunch in Rapperswil

My friends from Austin joke about my life out here. How will I spend my days? Will I turn into one of those "ladies that lunch" in Europe? I hate to admit it...actually, I love to admit it...I have been known to occasionally be a lady that lunches. Since I am such a giver and my mom is out here for the month of November wanting to experience all that the hausfrau life has to offer, I figure she needed to have this experience too.

After a few days of playing hausfrau, we decide to venture out and do some sightseeing in Rapperswil -- of course having lunch while we are there. It is at the southern edge of the Zurichsee about a 40-minute train ride away.

Mind you that we haven't done any research about what to do in Rapperswil. I had read one short blog post on my one-stop Swiss travel blog, Swisstory about the city, but we were basically going in with our eyes closed. Another fun thing to do when living here. Just jump on a train and go. Mom is really getting the full experience.

The day couldn't have been better.

Sun shining. Alps on one side, water on the other, castle in the middle. We literally stepped off the train, crossed the street and were in the heart of the Altstadt (old city). We could hear the latte macchiatos calling our names.

We grabbed a relaxing lunch along the shore (which I ordered all in Deutsch). Soaked in some rays and then set off to explore the city a bit. We took in the usual Swiss city sites including a castle, a church, and some cobblestone streets. But, more importantly we had our ladies that lunch in Europe day. I have a feeling there might be a few more of these in our future.

*Dad, I hope you know Mom is getting pretty used to this lifestyle. Not sure she is coming back home.


  1. Three cheers for ladies who lunch. Nice work if you can it!

  2. When oh when did we last have the blue sky? I forgot what it looks like.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I really liked Rapperswil and also went there with my family completely blind. If you go back, check out the long(est?) wooden bridge in the world... I think. It is in Rapperswil, too.

    ahh... I would like to lunch, too! :)


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