Sunday, November 29, 2009

Syabu Syabu

We got a recommendation a while back from a fellow Googler telling us about the best Japanese restaurant in Zurich, Samurai, and how we have to try Syabu Syabu some night. Just from this statement I had a gillion questions (what's new?). 1. Ok, really...a great restaurant in Zurich. Let's just say you don't come here for the food. 2. Japanese? You have perked my interest. 3. Did you just say the name of a whale? Is that what I am supposed to eat there? Even with all the skepticism, we talk our adventurous friends into trying this so called Syabu Syabu in celebration of our anniversary.

All I knew going into this meal was that you had to call the restaurant prior to the meal and let them know you were being dare devils for the night and that it was a bit pricey (but usual Swiss dining standards). Also knew it had something to do with a big bowl of boiling water and something about having to cook your own meat. Sounds good enough, right?

We asked for some initial instructions. Before you start playing, they drop a bunch of veggies in the water to cook. Gave you a couple dipping sauces and a plate of raw meat. You grab some meat with your chopsticks, put it in the water til it browns, dip it in a sauce, and eat. Add veggies and rice if you prefer. I love foods that are hands on. Very simple. Very healthy.

By the end of the meal, all the meat was gone, veggies were bought and cooked multiple times, and my tummy was full. Add a couple Sapporos, good friends, a Mom, a wonderful husband, and it makes for a great anniversary night.

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