Friday, January 8, 2010

Piriformis, Please

Today marks massage number three and I am pretty underwhelmed with the talent over here...and I use that word talent very loosely. I just spent an hour with probably the best of the three therapists so far where I thought I was going to be thrown off the table at any minute once his Mozart music crescendoed. Imagine walking into a room with a Polish guy who could win a strong man competition, he turns on the classical music, talks for a second, and then doesn't so much hurt you because he isn't really putting any downward pressure on your back, but more of a rough swiping motion with every effleurage...over and over...and over again.

Thankfully none of the horror stories I heard before moving here have happened to me yet. Not sure I could completely undress while the therapist stands right in front of me. This may be Europe, but I am still American.

Anyone have any recommendations for a solid, therapeutic massage therapist with any myofascial release skills?

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