Monday, February 1, 2010

Show 'N Tell Time

Whenever the Rosenthal girls get together and do a little shopping there is this ritual of "Show 'N Tell". I think it has been passed down over generations. Since this rarely happens, we have to make a big deal out of it. We take turns showing each other what we bought that day, even though we both already know what's in each others bag. Still fun. After each bag is emptied and each thread of clothing displayed, we continue talking about what good deals we found and how amazing we are for finding such great clothes. Plus, there is an underlying game where whoever gets the best deal...wins! Good times.

The door buzzed this afternoon with a little treat from die Post. Mom had been at the mall one day awhile back and we were chatting on AIM as she is describing the gems she is finding play-by-play. How jealous am I? What? Lucky jeans. On sale. Cute hoodies. No. And, for next to nothing.

The course of the conversation changes directions from Mom looking at clothes to Mom looking at clothes...for me. I start listing off things I don't want to spend a gizillion dollars on out here and she starts finding deals on everything. Jeans. Check. Gap Body underwear on sale for next to nothing. Check. Sweatshirt wrap-around thingy.  Check.

Aren't Moms the best?!

So, even though Mom isn't here to do the beloved "Show 'N Tell", this post feels like a good substitute. Mom even managed to find a little somethin'-somethin' for Stella Bella. She is in heaven. Check out the video below. Love you, Mom.


  1. I don't think that "Show 'N Tell" is a Rosenthal thing. I believe it is either a Luskey or Samorodin thing. I don't believe it comes from the genes on my side of the family.

  2. It's in my genes is all I know. Along with the "must have as many pairs of shoes as possible" gene.

  3. This toy would have been demolished in 2 seconds if Phog or Max would have gotten their grubby paws on it.

  4. She has quite a bit of pent up fury! I miss her dearly! And you too!! Have a fun, safe trip back home!


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