Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fluff Details

Photo by quatrosinko.
So, there I am having my regular free weekly lunch with Josh at Google and we end up sitting with a guy possibly looking to move to Zurich from the States and a couple other transplant Googlers giving him advice on what it's like to live on our side of the pond. I don't know why I found this so hilarious, but we sat down probably about 10 minutes after the group had started chatting and they were diving in to all the tiny, in my opinion "fluff" details, about what it's like to live in Zurich. Details about having to use a blower room to dry your clothes, how often you have to go to the store to buy bread, why milk doesn't have to be refridgerated at the grocery. All things that shouldn't make or break your decision to move half way across the world.

I just kept thinking, these are the issues people living in the magical bubble world of Googleland focus on. Funny.

It was interesting though when the guy introduced himself to me and kind of brought me into the conversation. He asked what Josh and I thought about living here. Of course we said we liked it, but my real question for him was, "Tell me what your concerns are for moving over here". Not sure if anyone had asked that question yet and his response caught my attention. He said, "Well, my wife would want to work over here. She would need a job.".

A smile crept onto my face. Forget about laundry day and the daily trips to the Coop. 

Oh, funny little Googlers living in Googleland, it is fine to spit out all the little details you were told before moving to Zurich, but take it from a Hausfrau -- don't forget to look at the bigger picture.

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