Thursday, May 27, 2010

Letting the Cat Outta the Bag

Secrets are the worse and I am horrible at keeping them. Ask Josh. Like when I finally find the perfect present for him (which is next to impossible to do) and I am just so excited he barely has to look at me and I am all like, wanna know what I got is soooo good! And, before he even has a chance to say yes, I am already pulling it out of the bag and showing it off like I was Vanna White.

You all would be so proud of me. I think this is the longest secret I have kept...maybe ever.
Are you ready for the secret?


Say what? Oh yeah. You heard me.

This all came as a pretty big surprise to us. We hadn't thought we would be back until maybe next year at this time, but sometimes opportunities present themselves and you just have to roll with it. This decision was a true test of our equilibrium muscle. I now believe this is a real thing. We would be dead set on not leaving Zurich and then, BAM!, three-hours later we would do a 180 and be dead set on heading to Austin.

There is a lot of change getting ready to happen for us. Oh crap. What the hell are we thinking??

Wish us luck through this transition. We are going to need it. Just imagine all the Swiss-red tape there is to get through. Plenty of details to come for any expats ever planning to move back to the States.


  1. Wow! So soon! We'll miss you in the Swiss expat blogging world!

  2. This blogger community is amazing! I love the looks when people ask how I made friends here and one of my answers is from a Swiss expat blogging group. Like, what? huh? You all have been so ridiculously helpful. I don't know how expats do it without having a network like this.

    Know that you always have a place to stay when visiting Austin!

  3. NOW we get to schedule our Other/Daughter Spa trip!!!! Yeah!!!

  4. That would be MOTHER/Daughter!!!!!

  5. Hey I got your email. I will write you back this weekend. Congrats on the move back - you are definitely in for a whirlwind of emotions. ;) Best

  6. Patti: I like the "Other/Daughter Spa Trip". Are we still thinking Utah??

    Jessica: Thank god I have your list of to do's before we move. Hope I can pass some words of wisdom along as well.


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