Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking Care of Business

You may be wondering if I will ever write up another blog post again. I have to admit that I have been enjoying the "30 Days of Flowers", but per my brother, I was told I am being lazy. What's the harm in taking a little vac-ay from the blog-ay?

Honestly, things haven't been slow around here. We are coming up on our 1-year anniversary of living in Zurich and along with that comes a lot of paperwork.

Permit Renewal Time. Yay! So excited about that. My sarcasm should be oozing out of your computer. Not sure how up-to-date everyone is on the whole permit situation over here, but it is bad. I don't want to get into all the details, but just know that permits that would allow me to work over here have been cut in half from last year. There is a huge stink happening to try and reverse this, but nothing quick enough to affect me. If only I was EU or married to a Swissy. Any who, we are filling out our L-permit renewal paperwork as we speak. Let's keep our fingers crossed there aren't any hiccups during this process.

Driver's License Time. Again, super excited! Notice the sarcasm?! You have one year to apply for a Swiss Driver's License after you move here without the penalty of taking a test. This seems pretty straight-forward. Fill out some paperwork, get an eye exam, and mail off my beautiful Texas (yee-haw!) license. The downside of this is the cost...of course. I have heard it will cost 175 CHF for the two of us. Gotta love that. I swear it used to cost $8 to get a South Dakota license and maybe $20 for an Arizona license that lasted 40 years.

Foreign Account Declaration Time. We have to notify the US of our foreign bank account every year. Yep...every year. Just more paperwork to add to the pile.

Re-renting our Austin House Time. It just gets better and better! Thankfully, it looks like we can almost cross this one of the list. The lease was sent off today and we should have it signed by the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

What else? I think that pretty much catches you all up on the exciting Peterthal life. Well, besides the fact that we just got back from the most amazing vacation to Cinque Terre, Italy on Sunday and I am already looking at flights for the next trip hopefully to Barcelona.

So, Dave...I guess you could say you were right. I am just oh, so lazy! Stories from Northern Italy coming soon.


  1. We just got our Swiss Driver's Licenses in Nidwalden, and I was a little surprised when the bill came in the mail: CHF 130 each! Good luck with the permits!

  2. I'm from Barcelona and just moved to Zurich if you want some advise or directions just ask!

  3. CHF 130 each?? I am scared now. I love how you don't get the invoice til AFTER you send all the paperwork in.

    Julia, I will definitely hit you up for suggestions! Same goes for you if you need any help or have questions about Zurich. Can't say I know it all, but I have definitely made enough mistakes to have learned a few things.


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