Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Permit Update

As you are already familiar with my love for the Migrationsamt, I wanted to give you an update on my permit card or the lack there of. Who doesn't like a little extra bureaucracy in the morning?

Photo by Kecko.
You already know the background story. So, I leave for Savannah last week (with my expensive travel visa) and of course my new permit card attempts to be delivered like the day after I leave. Josh isn't home to sign for it and so it goes to the Post. Where it just sits waiting to be picked up, but I am out of town. And, regardless if my lovely husband had bothered to check the mail (which he didn't), he wouldn't have been able to pick it up anyway because they don't allow spouses to pick up your mail. If it doesn't have their name on the letter, it ain't happenin'.

So, now I get back...see the notice...but, of course it is too late to pick it up at the Post and it has now been sent back to the Migrationsamt. No big deal, right? I should just be able to pick it up there in person or maybe they could try to send it out to me again. Ooooohhhh nnnnnooooo! That would be way too easy. Now it gets sent to our Kriesburo, where they then contact me and then I can pick it up in person. I feel like this is about 12 steps too many. This is for sure going to take weeks and the only thing I need this new permit for is to de-register. How ironic is that?

How funny would that be to pick it up and at the same time ask them to punch it and process my de-registration?! My hope is that they don't need the new permit to process the paperwork, but I am probably wrong as my track record has shown. May the force be with me.


  1. We are moving back to Texas in July as well and I am also waiting for my new visa in the mail. What is this de-registration? I haven't heard of this. Sounds like something else to add to our to-do list...

  2. The de-registration is a biggie to add to the list. Remember how you had to register within 8 days of moving to Switzerland with your Kreisburo? You also are required to let them know you are moving out of the country. You will need this paperwork to get out of some of your utility contracts and for your retirement money transfer (ie. Cablecom, Swisscom). More info here at Swisstory ( about the de-registration process.

  3. Also wanted to ask where in Texas you are moving to? Austin??

  4. Okay, I did half of my de-registration today and have the paperwork to get out of our health insurance. But they told me that I have to come back next week to go to another office within the town's government. I have no idea what I have to do there. Details to come! Yes, we are going back to Austin. There is a possibility that we might end up in San Antonio due to work. That is still up in the air...

  5. This is nuts. I am dragging my feet on dealing with this, but Monday we are heading in to the Kreisburo. Ugh. I wonder what you have to do at the other office. So strange!

    You lived in Austin before? Crazy to find an Austin connection while living in Switzerland! Shoot me an email by clicking on the Author link at the bottom of this page.


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