Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Photo by kristinbradley.
We made it! After a long few days finishing up the apartment details in Zurich, I packed it in and followed the rest of the family back to Austin. I promise to share all the tid-bits related to the apartment handover/cleaning/shipping experience, but wanted everyone to know we are back home -- safe and sound -- and loving it.

It does feel a little weird to be back though. The initial shock of moving back into our house (for the second time, once after California and now after Zurich) was a bit to take in. It all just felt too easy once I got here. The same furniture, the same dishes, the same pictures...all in the same spots. It's almost like deja vu, but yet this really has happened before. It's comforting, but know?

Then when it came to seeing friends again, it felt just like old times, like no time had past. Heading to Curra's and Uchi just felt normal. Everything felt right. We were back in Austin and I felt like we had made the right decision. I realize there won't be those quick, spontaneous trips over to Germany for the week (like our last weekend in Zurich), but I feel like this is where we are supposed to be.

With everything fitting into place and with this whole Zen-vibe coming over me, there are still plenty of things that are weirding me out. Living in a different country definitely changes you. For example, my first trip to Target was the other day. I have never had anyone ask me if I needed help because I know this place like the back of my hand. We are tight. But, I was asked by two employees if I needed help looking for something. I must have looked like a deer in headlights just trying to decide which sponge to buy. There are like 50 kinds. So, now I go from standing in an aisle at the COOP trying to figure out the German labels when there are only two kinds to pick from to standing in front of a whole aisle full of sponges wondering which one will do the best job for the least amount of money. Way too many options.

I wonder how I would do in a Costco. Oh geez.

And, visiting Central Market was a trip. Again another spot I have spent a lot of time at before moving. But, this time we came back with clearer eyes. The way we look at food is totally different. I would say we have always been conscious about the food we buy, but after living in Switzerland where there isn't very much processed food around and all the meats and dairy are at such a higher level, we struggled finding which milk to buy or which eggs. I feel like even the things we think are "healthy" over here might not be.

Ugh. And, having to buy cheese over here. So much more expensive. We are such Swiss cheese snobs now (and Prosecco snobs). I love it. We had a whole long conversation with the cheese man about the Appenzellar Extra and Gruyere. It was awesome.

So much more to tell you all about. Now that we have internet connected at the house, blogging should be much easier. There are still a few more Peterthals in Zurich posts to come to wrap everything up and then don't be surprised to see a shift to Peterthals in Austin. Our adventure isn't over by any means.

Missing all my Switzerland peeps, but loving being back. Can't you all just come visit already?


  1. I agree. When I came back from abroad, a simple trip to the shop took about 5 times as long as it should have. Also, I love cheese, and I love cheese snobs. :) You and Josh should come meet Violett. We are about 5000 miles closer, so no problem, right?

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  4. i miss austin and you in it!!! p.s. i joined a gyM!

  5. C: I miss you too! It is crazy to be back. Any chance you'll be visiting here some day? I have been keeping up with your blog and your adventures in NYC. I am so proud of you for going. You will grow immensely. Keep in touch.

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