Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Year Older

In true Peterthal fashion, we ventured out last night for my birthday sampling some of the new local hot spots in our neighborhood. A few things have changed since we've been gone. We started at the High Ball for a quick game of bowling and beers. My granny skills are awesome. I finished with a whooping 126 points (beating Josh by two). Next, we headed over to Sazon for a much needed 1816 marg and some queso. Yum. Nothing has changed about this place. Not even the addition of an air conditioning system. And, then to finish off the birthday loop we ended up at Black Sheep Lodge. Also a bar that was opening right before we left. It feels good to check off a few new places on our must-see list in Austin.

Our European adventurous spirit continues right here in our backyard. It wasn't quite the same as being in Paris like last year, but this birthday included getting to celebrate with our closest friends. Nothing can beat that.


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  2. terlihat menarik ^^


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