Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Switzerland meets Latin, Brazilian, and Caribbean cultures. This annual festival draws out a crowd for its live music, dance stages, traditional foods, and the half-naked attendees. With the 'rents in town, I couldn't think of a better way to experience true Switzerland, but with a Latin American festival!
Located in the "red-light district" of Zurich, near Helvetiaplatz.

My focus was pretty much zoned in on the amazing amounts of food and my mission of finding the biggest margarita possible.
Too many choices. Everything was delicious. Even some Stubb's BBQ to represent. You know these vendors have to be hiding somewhere in Zurich. That gives me hope that we will find great food like this again.

And, the margarita search was on...
Found. A 2-liter yard glass for only 68 chf with a 5 chf deposit on the glass ($67). Needless to say, I only ended up with the 1-liter yard glass with strawberry margarita for 38 chf. I know. I paid for the experience...and boy, was it worth it.

Along with all the food and drinks, you had your choice of sexy lingerie to buy. I think this was my mom's favorite. Who can resist a hooker-red, holter top dress? This was your one-stop shop.
Half-naked people seen.

Margarita gone. It was time to go home. Can't wait for next year.

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