Monday, July 13, 2009

On a Boat

This sort of reminded me of being in Seattle and having to go on a Duck Tour. It is cheesy and so touristy, but something you just have to do. Plus, the folks were in town so I could just blame it on them. They were the ones begging to do this...not me, I swear.

We decided to do a short trip around the Zurichsee. It takes about an hour and a half and makes a bunch of stops along the way. People actually use this for regular transportation and not just for sightseeing. There are also themed boat trips, dinner boats, and sunset tours. Check here for more info on boat trips.

We also learned that our regular train passes cover this boat trip and it only cost 4 chf a piece for my parents since they had a Zone 10 day pass and only needed to pay for a zone upgrade. The price was right!

We took in some sights. Enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon. And, now I can say I did it.

I think someone else also had a good time...

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