Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Sehr wenig (very little). Ok, I can't take credit for those last couple words. I had to look it up on Google Translate. I do know what "sehr gut" means though, but didn't think that was fitting just yet.

I started German class last night. I go twice a week for a couple hours each time and am sure to be fluent in no time. My favorite phase so far is, "Noch einmal, bitte langsum" (Again, slower please).

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  1. Langsammmm... :)

    Yes, bitte langsam is going to be your best friend. Or you can just say... Entschuldigung bitte, Sprechen Sie Englisch? and smile with a sheepish grin. That means, excuse me, do you speak English??? A lot of people here do!


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