Friday, July 17, 2009

Zooh! - Part Eins

Has it already been almost a week since my parents left and I still haven't gotten up my blog posts since their visit? I tell you -- the life of a Hausfrau is intense. Somehow, I am staying busier than I would have ever expected. We are getting ready for our next big adventure this weekend to Interlaken and I told myself I had better get these posts up before I leave or else I will never get back on track. Hope you enjoy.

Last Thursday, the 'rents and I took a trip out to the Zurich Zoo. I had heard that it was a sight to see. My expectations were pretty high, but I was still skeptical. I was guessing it would be close to something like the Sioux Falls Zoo. You know what I mean -- it's pretty good for what they have to work with, right? I know my parents are gritting their teeth right now wondering how I could say such things.

Let's start with my favorite group of animals at any zoo...
The penguins. I swear I think I could just watch these guys all day. I was pretty content with staying here, but it was about the first spot we stopped. Gotta press on.

Can you see the little dots of yellow in there? Those are actually frogs. Who would have thought? This was another favorite part of the Zoo for me. There were a million different kinds. Something I had not seen before. My skepticism was starting to lessen.

...stay tuned for Zooh! - Part Zwei


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I will have to check out your site.

  2. Aww I love zoos!! And penguins and flamingos!!

    It's way too hot here to do ANYTHING outside. :(


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