Friday, July 17, 2009

Zooh! - Part Zwei

...continued from Part Eins
Can anyone guess how much an elephant wee-wees in a day? Thought I would throw in some useless trivia for your next formal social engagement.

A little visual representation to help you out...

Can't compete with that. You go, elephants!

Saggy-humped camels. Another first. Guess these camels aren't hurting for water.

Petting zoo for the youngsters. I think Stella would fit in pretty well with this crowd.

Oh wait. Those are the 'rents. They also fit in pretty well with this part of the Zoo.

Quick tour of the rain forest. Smells like mold, but pretty. Guessing this is a black orchid. Unreal.

My only criticisms have to be about the lions and the tigers. Notice I didn't have any pictures posted? The lions and tigers here must be super-duper mean. You can't even get close enough to really see them. These animals are a big part of why people come to the zoo. It was a little bit of a let down, but overall I loved it. Highly recommend.

Had to end on a high note with my loner penguin. He was just chillin' by himself in the corner looking at the fake sun. What can compete with that?

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