Monday, August 24, 2009

Hiking the 'berg

We have this amazing view of Uetliberg from our balcony and have been curious about the trails leading up to the top of the mountain. When I was back in the States not too long ago, Josh ventured out and found the path to the top. We woke up this past Sunday morning, the sun was shining, a little chill in the air, so we packed up our camelbacks, strapped on the hiking boots, grabbed the cameras, and headed out.

We made our way down the hill, over the Sihl river, and through what we like to call "Zurich Town Lake".

Into the forest and through the woods...isn't that how it goes?

There were plenty of stops for water along the way. Stella just hopped right up there. She has become very used to the number of water fountain around the city and especially the secret-ninja doggy fountains usually attached.

We hiked for a little over two hours and ascended 1500 ft to finally reach the top. Even though we have been here before (by train previously), it was a beautiful site to see. Uetliberg overlooks all of Zurich. There were also a bunch of people out paragliding and hang gliding. How awesome is that? Just another thing to add to my "must do list" before we move back.

Now the question is, how do I get this view?

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