Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Art of Making Friends in Switzerland

How do you go about meeting new people? Is it difficult to make new friends? Where do you find potential friends? These must be the top questions I get from all of our friends and family back in the States. It's like they think there is some special recipe to making friends in a different country. Well, let me tell you there is a secret ingredient -- have a dog, and a cute one works even better.

Stella seems to be the one attracting all the new friends. Whether we are in the Google lobby meeting Josh for a free lunch or straight from her pictures on this blog, she attracts some good quality folks. I will admit that these friends in particular also have smush-faced pups. So having things in common helps. Something about these breeds though...they always have good owners.

New friend, Emma. Same age as Stella. As adorable as Stella.

This past weekend our social calendar was booked. New ex-pat blogger friends who just moved to Zurich over for dinner, mexican food and margs at a friend of an Austin friend's flat, and dinner out on the town with fellow Googlers. Who would have thought we would make such good connections so quickly? Everyone says your ability to make friends here, will make or break your time in Switzerland. And, I believe it. The Swiss are not the most outgoing, personable, talkative bunch of people if you didn't already know.

Recently moved to Zurich Boston Terriers, Pedro and Dooley. As crazy and fun-loving as Stella.

I shouldn't give Stella all the credit though. As you may have read previously, I do like my blind dates here in Zurich. It seems like everyone we know has some connection to Switzerland except for us. We have met some incredible people through that friend of a friend connection. It's like getting a referral. How can you go wrong with that?

Check out our new friend, "Mrs. Mad Scientist". You know she has to be a keeper when her blender breaks and she still finds a way to make mango margaritas for dessert. My kind of people.


  1. They are. They are. Aren't they the cutest? Next time you are in Zurich we should all get together. You are responsible for making this friendship happen. Thanks.


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