Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ra. Ra. Ra. Go Chicago!

Last night had to be one of the best nights so far while living in Zurich. My friend Kelly arrived in the  morning. So, you already know it is going to be a great day. We ended up being invited to the Chicago Blackhawk vs. HC Davos ice hockey game. Kelly being from Chicago and both of us being huge sporting nuts, what could be better?

The game was so exciting. Everyone around must have hated us by the end of the night...actually more like after the first period. Every time we scored (which was a lot), the lady in front of Stacie would have to put her hands over her ears because of our loud shrills. It was hilarious. We were so obnoxious.

We were seated right in the center of all the action. The Blackhawks dominated Davos winning 9-2. I do give it up to Davos for never throwing in the towel. Their cheering section was about 10 rows behind us chanting and singing the entire game.  Even at the very end they were still cheering like it was the first minute of the game.

Awesome, awesome night. We will see if tomorrow's adventure to Lichtenstein and Austria can top this experience.

Side note: The Blackhawks are playing the Zurich Lions tonight in the Victoria Cup. I guess last nights game was just a warm-up.

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  1. Yeah! Go Chicago! I have to admit, it was strange to 1. watch the game with Italian announcers. and 2. see the Chicago team in Zurich. Cool that you were there!


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