Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eames Rocker It Is

Ahhhh...I am writing this post from the comfort of my very own, newly purchased, bright yellow Eames rocking chair. I cannot explain to you how ecstatic I am to have a non-IKEA piece of furniture in this place. Nothing wrong with IKEA, just that I am starting to feel like I am living in a dorm room again.

Furniture shopping in the Z, can lead to frustration, some yelling at Josh, and even tears. We have figured out now that we should have just brought our furniture from the States instead of trying to furnish this flat on some sort of a budget. Furniture is just plain more expensive over here, like three to four times as much. And, EVERYTHING looks the same. That same sleek, modern, can't sit on for longer than five minute look. Not my flavor. Plus, there is no middle ground to furniture shopping. Here are your options: IKEA where you still pay twice as much as in the States, second-hand "vintage" shops priced obscenely high, or some designer "fancy-pants" place where the price tags will make you run straight for the doors screaming. We are slowly learning to just accept that this is the way things are over here in der Schweiz.

I should have prefaced this post by saying it has been a very long weekend of exhausting furniture shopping. At least with a happy ending.


  1. Can't believe I forgot to add this. The shop we bought it from will be sending us an invoice for the chair. We walked out, chair in hand, and hadn't paid a dime. Guess we looked trusting.

  2. I was knocked out by the fact that we could order online, get the product, and then get billed by Conrad (Electronics). One of the nicer things about living here.

    The relo company really twisted our arms, practically insisting that we ship some of our stuff. I'm glad we did. At least I will be until it comes time to move again :)

    Love the chair!

  3. Love it! Hurry and leave the country before you get the invoice :)

    Yeah, so glad we took our furniture with us. You are right that everything here looks the same and that it all costs way too much. The only thing we've bought here are pillows from IKEA!

  4. Kathy: I would love someone to write up a post about where to order things online out here. I have heard rumors about Amazon, but haven't explored just yet.

    Chantal: Score on your part for taking everything with you. I am kicking myself for not taking more. Live and learn.


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