Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stockholm - Sista och Sista Dagen

For all of you on the edge of your seat, here is the final post for our last day in Stockholm. If you haven't gotten a chance to read the previous posts, check out Del Ett and Del TvÄ.

We started our day off with a beautiful four mile run along one of the many scenic marinas in Stockholm. Remember we are gearing up for the 10k Human Race in Berlin at the end of October. The weather was perfect, not a ton of tourists to navigate through, and the scenery couldn't have been more tranquil. What a way to start the day!

We were given strict instructions from our Swedish connection to pick up a couple sandwiches from Albert and Jacks and find a boat heading out to the Archipelagos. So, we did just that. All we needed were a couple of tickets. We even asked the hotel receptionist where exactly to go, but of course we ended up at the wrong spot and only had 20 minutes to head back to where we came from and find Pier 15. Surprise, have to buy the ticket on the actual boat not from the multiple ticket shacks lining the city. Love that no brochure or receptionist had told us that. I'm not bitter though. Luckily, we made it back to the right pier just in time to embark.

It was definitely beautiful, but I think both Josh and I had a different idea of what we would see. We both thought we would have gotten closer to the ocean and had seen a bunch of little islands barely popping up from the water instead of these larger islands. I will say for those of you interested in going to Stockholm and exploring the Archipelagos, go in the summer. This is the best time to take a boat only to one island and then swim, kayak, hike, or just hangout there. This seems to be the more popular thing to do. Three hours on a boat where half of it is just retracing your steps maybe isn't the best option. I really shouldn't complain though. As with everything in and around Stockholm, it was gorgeous.

Royal Palace and Old Town time it is. We leave our sea-legs with the boat and stroll over to the old sector of the city. I had to show Josh the palace statues...I mean guards. I do remember these guys from my previous trip 15 years ago. For some reason I get my kicks from these guys not being able to look or talk to you. They just move their heads from side to side scanning the surrounding area. Don't they ever get tired? I was good this time. I didn't yell any obscenities at them trying to break their trance.

Next stop, Old Town. Just around the corner from the palace. Quaint streets, cute storefronts...these areas never get old. We spent just a little time roaming the small alleyways, peaking our heads into a couple shops, and eating some, always yummy, Mint Chocolate Chunk.

We both found some beautiful hats. Josh wasn't convinced it was the right style for him, but I couldn't resist. Hey. I need to stay warm this upcoming winter.

We even found this little gem in one of the window displays. Doesn't it look like Stella if she were a ram? Hilarious!

This trip couldn't have ended any better. We met back up with Michael for one last night out on the town. Grabbed some wonderful pasta from a small, neighborhood restaurant and said our goodbyes knowing that we would see each other again soon...and not 15 years from now.


  1. Summer or Fall, I would love nothing more than to float around the islands. What was the name of the boat and the company? Also, did you happen to spot any charter companies on the docks? Thanks!

  2. This is the tour we went on:

    This company has multiple stands along the water that are normally open, but for some reason were closed the day we needed them. I still don't know why.


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