Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stockholm - Del Två

...continued from Stockholm - Del Ett

Sunday rolls around and we get picked up around noon to go explore the city further with our personal tour guide and driver, Michael. We usually just stumble around exploring, having little to nothing planned. Somehow it always works out, but it's always better to see a city with someone who really knows where to take you.

First stop is Rosendal Gardens located just outside the city. It couldn't have been much more than a 10 minute drive from our hotel and we were staying smack in the center of Stockholm. One minute you are in the city, and then next you are out. Quick as a blink of the eye. I think the land that the garden is on is still owned by the royal family. Absolutely gorgeous.

Rosendal gardens is a very cool spot to grab lunch and probably one of those you wouldn't find on the normal tourist path. You walk in and out of glass greenhouses filled with plant after plant, stroll through rows upon rows of flowers. And, everything served for lunch is made right there. Everything is organic, grown from seed to plant. Delicious. You can even cut flowers to take home in their expansive flower section if you want. Loved it.

With stomachs full, we head back towards the city to hit up one of their many viewpoints, City Hall. There is a tower there that must be talked about on every online travel site. A must see for Josh. Here are a few more glimpses of this beautiful city.

After Josh finally finishes taking a gizillion pictures and we almost go deaf from the bells ringing, we still have enough time to rome around downtown and do a little shopping. I wish I could remember all the very Swedish shops we went into.

I think this had to be the highlight of my shopping experience. There were these amazing light bulbs at Orrefors. I guess a very famous Swedish glass company. I know what you are thinking. How can light bulbs be that exciting? You just have to trust me. You may be seeing a few of these back in Austin one of these days. Very Josh and me. Not sure where they would go, but they are just too awesome to pass up on and we will always think of Stockholm every time we flip the light switch. I can find an excuse for anything.

After all of this running around, of course we worked up an appetite. Michael pointed us in the direction of restaurant Sturehof. Again, just around the corner from our hotel next to the Stureplan (center meeting spot in Stockholm). I guess since I hadn't gotten enough seafood from the night before (haha), Josh and I indulged and ordered this massive seafood platter. Lobster, crab, oysters, prawns...awesomeness. Paired with some white wine and the best seat in the house. The day couldn't have been better, all thanks to our Swedish tour guide. Thank you. Thank you.

One more day to come...man, we do too much!


  1. I didn't know our family had gardens in Sweden. Certainly the Swedish branch of the Rosenthals would be Rosendal.

  2. Love the photos here - are these HDR or just normal greatness?

  3. I don't know exactly what HDR is, but when I asked Josh he just laughed. Those are his regular pics with a little help from photoshop. Glad you liked.


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