Thursday, October 22, 2009

Puppy Threads

Before moving to Switzerland, we constantly joked around about having to buy a little sweater for Stella once it got cold here. Normally we are not the type of people to dress up our pug in glitter and lace or carry her around in one of those pink, diamond-studded handbags. But, it got cold here last week. Somehow the weather decided to skip right over Fall and head straight to Winter.

What can I say? My opinion changed on doggie clothing. No more joking. We bought Stella her first, sporty-spice winter jacket. It is water-resistant on the outside with fleece-lining to keep her warm on the inside. This jacket probably costs as much as a kids jacket back in the States. Purchasing the jacket was the easy part. Getting her to actually wear the thing was a whole other story.

We had been invited to watch the OU v. UT game at a friends' place last Saturday. We all bundle up in our winter gear since freezing rain was falling intermittently. Stella got all suited up in her new winter threads but as we start heading to the door, someone wouldn't move. Not even a little. She just looks up at us with these big, puppy dog eyes wondering what the hell we are doing to her now. Somehow we coerce her outside, but she won't budge any further. Fine. You don't have to wear the coat, but when you get cold don't come crying to me.

The coat comes off and it is like she has broken free. We make it to the tram and over to Bahnhof Wollisofen and even over to the bus stop to take us to Kilchberg. But, waiting for the bus was the straw that broke the camels back. Stella started shaking, jumping up to get held. She was freezing. She must get her thin skin from her mommy. I busted out the jacket, slapped it on, and she didn't give me any problems afterwards. She now associates the cold with the jacket warming her up. Fantastic.

Now, once she figures out that she can go potty with the coat on we will be golden. I never said she was the smartest puppy in the pack.


  1. Don't talk that way about my grandpuppy!!! She's Harvard material.

  2. awww that is so cute!! did you fly her over there???? if so - i would sooo appreciate some tips...we are flying our cocker spaniel there so he will have to be in pressurized cargo :( we're nervous! although it looks like she might have been able to be in the cabin with you, huh?

  3. Krystal: We actually worked with a pet relocation company to fly Stella out here. We seem to be the only ones who spent a load of money to get our dog here. The others were able to fly with them in the cabin. I would be happy to fill you in on all the details. Do you mind sending me an email from my Google profile? Just go to and click the Send a Message link.


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