Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scottish Pubbing

We decided to break away from our homebody mentality and meet up with some friends last week at the Bonnie Prince Pub in the Niederdorf section of Zurich. I was excited to check out the selection of Scottish beers and Scotch on tap. The ambiance was definitely inviting. The low-lit pub is decorated with red velvet walls, a plaid wallpapered bar, antique style tables and chairs all tucked in closely to one another -- topped off with the light sounds of Iron Maiden being played in the background.

Beers were a flowin'. I blame the cold weather. Nothing wrong with warming up from the inside out, right? Try the Northern Light for a little fruity, lager flavor or the Old English Oil for a darker, more filling beer.

And, of course you have to try the whiskey. I had never seen a row of whiskey bottles on tap before. I am a complete novice when it comes to this hard stuff. I went with a single malt, medium peaty choice of Glenkinchie (12 years old). You get your fancy glass of scotch, a side glass of water, and even a pipet. I learned how adding water brings out the true flavors of the scotch. Who knew? I just thought it was cool having tools for the drinking process.

All I have to say...for a good time, all you need is a little plaid and whiskey.

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  1. Sounds like a place I'll want to try. Thanks for posting!


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