Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prague or Not...

That is the question. This morning started out with its own set of
problems. You would think after 6 months of living here I would know
which trains take me to the Flughafen, but I guess you would be wrong.

After racing with suitcases in hand and Mom almost spilling coffee all
over herself we made it to the train we thought was going to the
airport. Luckily I noticed only two stops too late that this train was
actually going to Nowhereswil, Switzerland. We switch trains heading
back to Oerlikon only to get stuck taking a bus that makes a billion
stops with the oldest, slowest people ever on its way (finally) to the

Again we race with suitcases in hand (no coffee this time - one less
obstacle) to get to our gate just in time to find out it is delayed.
Gotta love that.

I guess my complaining did the trick! We are boarding. Looks like we
are going to Prague after all.

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