Friday, November 20, 2009

Fountain of Youth?

On my way to visit Josh (and probably grab a free lunch) at his work, I always walk past this fountain in the parking lot. I realize there are a bunch of fountains all over Zurich, but this one is different. No matter what time of day or what day of the week, there will be cars lined up waiting to get their turn at filling up their car full of empty bottles with this precious water. No joke. People go crazy for this stuff. And, I am not talking about one bottle or two. They brings crates of bottles.

At first we just figured it was the restaurants refilling their bottled water that they resell for 5 CHF instead of letting you drink tap water. Come to find out there is actually a special spring below this fountain. The water has a very different taste than the bottled water here. I tried it (of course) and it just tasted very mineraly.

What's all the excitement for? Just made me think of all the reasons we purify our water.

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  1. Hi.... please tell me where this is... I have a fascination for strange things like this::::)))) Going to look around now... looks like a nice blog!


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