Thursday, November 19, 2009

Steepest Cogwheel Train - Mt. Pilatus

With the perfect excuse of having to take both Moms to see some mountains, Josh and I got to finally check out the Pilatus Bahnen aka The Steepest Cogwheel Train in the world!

(pause for you to catch your breath)

It takes a couple train rides to get there, but well worth the time. Zurich to Luzern to Alpnachstad to Mt. Pilatus. Just another day for the Peterthals.

On the way up the mountain, there are signs telling you how steep you are going -- like you couldn't tell. The steepest point was a 48% incline. Even crazier were the people hiking up alongside the train tracks.

We reach the top, bust out Stella's new argyle sweater, and start walking to one of the lookouts. What an amazing site. I swear these Alps just never get old. I guess growing up in the plains of South Dakota can do this to a person.
I only got to stay outside for about a half a second since our princess of a dog started shaking uncontrollably. Poor mopsli (little pug) doesn't like the snow.

I did get to enjoy the views from inside with a hearty bowl of Aelplermagronen and a glass of wein. Nothing wrong with a little macaroni, cheese, potatoes, and some crispy goodness on top.


  1. love the photos. i am with you - these alps never get old!

  2. You are so on the Swiss band wagon. You aren't ever leaving these parts.

  3. Pugs are the best, and this post reminds me of our little pug in New England. She really hated to go outside in the winter. Just a few inches of snow and her belly would be right in it, making her cold and miserable.


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