Thursday, December 24, 2009

Black Tie Parade

You know when you go to the zoo there are certain animals everyone wants to see first. The lions. The tigers. The monkeys. And, at the top of the list is always the penguins! During the winter months, the Zurich Zoo features a Penguin Parade. Each day at 1:30pm, as long as the weather is below 10 degrees Celsius, they let a bunch of their penguin fleet free. They wobble right out the gate and head to their photo shoot location...and all the while, you can walk right next to them.

Who would have thought they could get any cuter than they already are. But, when you can almost reach out and touch them (I would have if they would have let me), it is a whole other feeling. I am such a sucker for these guys. I need to start pushing Josh again on that trip to Antarctica I still want to take.

Check out the video above. A definite winter highlight in Zurich.


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