Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Welcome to the Verkehrshaus (Transportation Museum) in Luzern. This is a toddler's dream museum and not too shabby for us adults too. We took a quick day trip down to Luzern while the brother and family were in town. After introducing them to the wonders of rösti, we made our way over to the Verkehrshaus not knowing exactly what to expect.

From the moment we stepped off the bus, I knew the trip was worth it. The front wall of the museum is made up of hundreds of different tire wheels all enclosed behind glass. Pretty cool. There is also an IMAX and planetarium attached. We ventured in, bought our tickets for both the museum and IMAX (African Adventures 3-D film) theater, and took off toward the train section of the museum. You should have seen Drew's face when we saw the first room of trains. He ran straight to the first train, climbed the stairs, and boarded the train without looking back. He quickly made friends with the Swiss kids on board. Pretty funny listening to him speak English to them and them just looking at him like he was a complete freak. Nonetheless, the language barrier didn't stop them from running around the train together.

The museum is made up of train, automobile, and airplane sections with an outdoor hands-on area where you can play on life size planes, construction equipment, and even race boats. The outdoor section is probably even more impressive when it isn't -4 degrees Celsius and your toes don't freeze up the minute you step foot out the door.

There was so much to see and do. I have to admit I may have had even a better time than Drew did if that's even possible. I felt like a little school kid running from one thing to the next never stopping to actually read any of the information about each area. Way too much to see. Way too many pictures to be taken.

Tips for anyone interested in going:
  • Skip the planetarium unless you (or your child) needs a quick snooze. Not saying the presentation was bad...well, actually I wouldn't know...my eyes were closed. Oops.
  • Make sure to hangout by the paper-looking plane. I guess you can try your skills at hang gliding. Again, missed this because I was too busy running around the place like a chicken with my head cut off, but my brother did it and said it was pretty tough.
  • Go when it is warm or if you go in the winter, go again in the summer. That outdoor play area looked awesome.
  • You do NOT need to have a child to go. I may have to go back even by myself one day just to read up on all the toys I was playing on and taking pictures of.

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