Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Now that I am realizing that this blog isn't going to write itself, I better at least post some pictures of our trip to Prague a few weeks back. How bad am I? You would think a hausfrau could find a few minutes our of her busy schedule to write a simple blog post...but, I guess you would be wrong.

Prague was amazing. This was my first time venturing over to the east side of Europe and I am already looking forward to going back again. Mom and I lucked out that Josh had a "hackathon" (basically a nerd fest) for a few days in Praha which gave us just the excuse to meet him there. We actually went a couple days before he was finished nerding it up and then he met us for a couple days of touring. I promised this time not to see everything before him like on our trip to Hamburg. Naughty wife.

I thought I had done so good finding us an apartment instead of a hotel to stay in while we were there. Cheaper. Bigger. Better location. Think again. If you enjoy coming home to a frat party going on right above your apartment then you would have loved where we were staying. What a first night. After a great day walking all over the city, eating goulash with bread dumpling, drinking Pilsner Urquell, we got to spend the night calling the apartment management complaining about the noise over head. Thank goodness the boys moved out the next day and then all we could do was wonder about the funky beds and the "wireless" internet as long as you were leaning out the kitchen window. Any who...

Prague is absolutely beautiful. I was expecting a lot of gray, but the buildings are actually a rainbow of colors. I loved walking over all the bridges just admiring the city landscape. It is a sight to see.

We saw the usual tourist spots, but along our way we saw a couple of things that I will never forget. The first night in town we bought tickets to a concert being held at the Spanish Synagogue. It was such an intimate setting. There were probably 50 people total watching some members of the Prague Symphony. And, the building is over the top insane. Unbelievably gorgeous. Perfect way to start our trip.

The next day we took a tour of the Old Jewish Quarter which included the Old Jewish Cemetery. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. I know, right? How could a cemetery be that powerful? It was like nothing I have ever seen. Gravestones upon gravestones. Literally. The cemetery is actually hilly. Since there was such limited space bodies would be buried on top of one another. There are over 12,000 gravestones and more than 100,000 bodies. Believe me. I paid my extra 40 crones to take pictures. Well worth the couple bucks and the sun was nice enough to come out in time for the photo shoot. Amazing!

We saved the Palace and Petrin Tower for Josh. The best part was St. Vitus Cathedral right in the middle of the Palace grounds. Something about these gothic churches. Like I have said before, it just doesn't get old.

My one question for Prague is, "Where are all these Czech bakeries? And, where are my kolaches?". These were no where to be found. I find it pretty strange that there is a Czech bakery in West, Texas with homemade kolaches, yet I can't find one in the actual country. Is someone trying to pull a fast one on me?

*I took way too many pictures to post on here. Check out my flickr page if you are craving more.


  1. Ah, Pilsner Urquell. Fond memories. The cold one we had in Prague on the way home from the old USSR was like heaven.

    Great photos. Great post!

  2. Well as an American having lived in Prague as a photographer for the past 8 years, I guess I would have to say that there really aren't many Czech Bakeries in the center, or in the parts of town that your photos are from. Although there is a growing trend for fancy bakeries, most Czech bakeries are quite simple places making the famous Rohliky. (Plain bread never tasted so good!)

    Homade Kolaches aren't really to be found so much in bakeries as in small shops. All of the really fancy 'bakeries' that come to mind when I think of it are actually foreign owned. But don't worry- the bakeries are out there!

    (just not really in the center so much)

    Cheers! Great post!

    Dennison Bertram
    American fashion photographer in Prague,

  3. Dennison, thanks for clarifying the bakery situation. We definitely stayed in our neck of the woods during this trip, but next time we will have to venture out. Enjoyed looking at your website. Beautiful work!


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