Monday, January 18, 2010


I was going to write about the dog humping show at the park today, but after I got home and checked some email a few interesting pictures caught my eye. Let me start from the beginning. The other night I am out with a girlfriend having a beer (or two...ok, maybe three) and I get a message from my dad saying that he got two tickets to the Cowboys v. Vikings football game. Seriously. If you don't know, I am a HUGE NFL/Cowboy/Farve (you can be both) fan and going to this game would have made me cry tears of sweet joy for years to come. But, since I live over here...who gets invited instead...of course...the always lucky brother of mine. I was even checking flights into Minneapolis and my dad actually told me that Dave was already coming and that he would be seeing me in a month anyway. What's the big deal?

Sorry to tell you Dad...I wasn't gonna fly back for you. Love ya, but in your own words, I would see you in a month anyway (insert smile).

Now it is a day after the game and I finally get to catch up with the daddyo. The video chat went something like this...

Me: So, how was it?
Dad: You are going to hate me.
Me: (interested look)
Dad: I actually ended up with FOUR tickets to the game. Dave and Carson ended up coming.
Me: (steam coming out of my ears)
Dad: You are going to hate me even more.
Me: (thinking to myself...oh really, how could that be possible?)
Dad: Our seats were three rows up from the field, on about the 40-yard line.
Me: (thinking to myself...oh, that's how.)
Dad: It was actually a little hard to see some the time. We were so close to the Cowboys bench.
Me: (heart officially broken)

Oh yeah?! Well, I got to sit on our super uncomfy couch and try to make out which of my Cowboys players just fumbled the ball or who threw the interception on my lovely computer screen. But, on the bright least the bench of Cowboys players wasn't getting in my way.

No jealousy here.

*This is all in good fun. I am happy Dave and Dad had such a great time together. I am holding out for Superbowl tickets.


  1. You hold out for Superbowl tickets. I am happily accepting tickets to New Orleans for the championship game.

  2. Wait, 4th row with 4 tickets???? O-M-G


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