Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Getting HOT-T in Hier

After writing yesterday's post, surprisingly everyone seemed overly excited about my dog humping comment. Who? What? Dogs humping? Calm down folks. I am actually surprised this was my first run in with some dog-on-dog action here in der Schweiz.

This blog is two-fold, but let's start with the story first. Yesterday was one of the first sunny days I have seen in a while, so I figure I better take Stinky (aka Stella) over to our Swiss version of Town Lake. This is a leash free area at the base of Uetliberg. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. Stella and I are enjoying our stroll, making friends with other pups, I am chatting it up with another dog owner. Nice. Normal. Regular day. We split for a minute from our new friend and her dog....who you should know is a boy dog. A second later I look back just to make sure Stella is in sight and WHAM! there it is. Our new boy dog friend going to town on a girl dog in some sort of a dominatrics getup. Come to find out that was a diaper she was wearing. The dog was in heat!

Both owners start yelling at each other. My best translation is that both are blaming each other for not keeping their dogs on leashes. The woman with the boy dog rightfully screaming at the woman with the girl dog not to bring a dog in heat to an off-leash park. And, the woman with the girl dog screaming back that the boy dog should be on a leash if the owner can't control her dog. A smile just crossed my face. I found it all too humorous. And, then there is Stella trying to bury her nose in the middle of the two lover dogs. Not quite sure Stella had any idea what they were doing. Her virgin eyes are gone forever.

The dogs finally get separated with the boy dog getting put back on his leash while the girl dog is left to roam free to attract the next suitor. We ended up running back into the girl dog and guess who was going through the same argument with another boy dog owner. Yep. Ridiculous. There were some frustrated dogs leaving the park that day.

Which brings me to my second point. How is it that no one neuters or spays their dogs over here? Haven't they seen "The Price is Right" where at the end of every show Bob Barker signs off with his speech about controlling the pet population? Man. Stella got fixed as soon as it was possible. There was no way I was going to deal with that mess. Poor Stella. Just another frustrated dog. Works for me.


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