Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 10 List: Things Y'all Take for Granted When Living in the States

I can see the dirty disease of homesickness starting to creep into the room. I have been pretty darn successful stuffing it away in a closet and not opening the door. But, with all this talk about jealousy and now that I bought a plane ticket for San Francisco early February, home has been on the brain. I think it's time to share with you what it is really like living on the other side of the pond. What you have to give up for this experience. For all those soon-to-be expats making the big swim over, be aware that life of endless travel does have its' downsides. is my "Top 10 Things Y'all Take For Granted When Living in the States" list. Oh, how I miss thee.

10. Lines Meaning Something. There is this weird phenomenon here that lines mean nothing. People do form and stand in lines here, but for no reason in the long run. Example. The airport. The plane is here, people start walking over to the gate, and form a line. Once they start boarding the flight, the once beautiful, straight line turns into a mosh pit. Elbows out. Each passenger for themselves. Europeans actually make fun of us Americans for being such pushovers. We interpret it as being courteous.

9. English. I think it took me a good three months before it didn't completely throw me off when the first words I heard in the morning were "Gruezi" or "Morgen". Who? What? Is this a dream? Something so simple as language is a comfort you seldom realize til it ain't there anymore.

8. No Reservations. My new, fav restaurant here is Lily's Stomach Supply. Not sure if it is because it ONLY costs us $65 for dinner (cheap by Swiss standards) or the fact I don't have to call and make reservations before hand. Even for lunch, you are supposed to make reservations. It puts a little damper on being spontaneous.

7. Lululemon and Vinyasa Yoga Classes with Gio. For a girl that lives in workout gear, there is comfy, cool, "I never want to stop wearing you" exercise clothes. Nothing. And, yoga classes in general have been a disappoint to put it nicely. I miss all the equipment back in the States, especially the yoga walls. Which I promise you, someday, I will have in my house.

6. Alamo Drafthouse. Josh and I must have gone here once every couple of weeks back in Austin. This is more than just your regular, boring, old movie theater. They had Iron Chef nights, Air Sex competitions, special appearances by movie stars, sing-a-longs and quote-a-longs, TV show nights, you name it, they had it. It definitely fits the city motto of "Keep Austin Weird". Plus, you get to eat and drink during the movie. Popcorn, pizza, fresh-made chocolate chip cookies over ice cream...ahhhh. I am starting to drool a little. Here you have the standard flick, maybe some popcorn if you have cash, and a 15 minute intermission right at the climax of the film. Oh, and it will cost you about $20 for all that (not including the popcorn -- that's another $11).

Do you have tears in your eyes yet? The things I have to go through. Let's take a breather. I don't want to drown you in my sorrows. So I leave you with this. Here's a hint for the final Top 5, coming to you very soon. We haven't even gotten to the food aspect. And, you know how I love me some food!

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