Monday, March 8, 2010


Looking for a solid Swiss restaurant to take family and friends to when they are visiting you? A must stop on the Peterthal Zurich tour is dinner at Zeughauskeller, an old armoury turned beer restaurant. Everyone needs a little rösti in their belly before leaving us.

The reason for rösti being on the brain was that this past weekend, Josh and I did a little catching up with the Zeug. We must have been going here at least once a week when all the family was visiting around the holidays. It has taken a couple months, but my stomach has finally given me the go ahead for another round at Zeughauskeller.

Couple of key take home notes about eating here.
  • First know that reservations are very handy to have at this restaurant, but not required. We have actually been told they are booked for the night, but to just come in early (around 6pm) and they should be able to squeeze you in. 
  • Check out their specialty menu. You really can't go wrong with anything on this list. Still never ventured to get the meter-weiner. Scary. But, I get the Kalbgeschnetzeltes - Zuri style with rösti every time and Josh and my brother have split the Bergermeister Hans Waldmann Sword (steak on a sword).
  • You have to try the Zeughauskeller Eidgenoss at least once. This is a flaming beer they make right at the table. The actually have a bottle labeled "Feuerwasser". Who knows what it really is. I wouldn't say it's anything I would order again, but a good story to tell.
  • There menu comes in something like 10 languages. Some random trivia for ya.
And, in case you are too chicken to order the Eidgenoss "flaming beer", here's a couple videos detailing my experience. Bon appetit!

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